About kevin

Kevin Boese (pronounced “Bohz”, though will answer to “Bohzee”, Boheezy”, “Bohez”, “Boise” (like the city in Idaho) or especially the German pronunciation: “Boeza” – spelled Böse) has been a musician for most of his life, and a worship leader for about 25 years, getting his start in the Mennonite Brethren Church, then in the Vineyard Church for about 14 yrs. But during that time he’s had the privilege of leading worship in many different settings from liturgical to charismatic (keep in mind that labels are limiting!) as well as many multi-denominational, ecumenical gatherings. His passion is to see people from various backgrounds come together and worship God, who is One.

Kevin has also written many songs for both congregational and personal worship. Songs that have come from his heart and his story. Some of these have been used by others in various churches and recorded by others as well (Hear From Heaven and The Adventure Of Jesus). Kevin is available to lead worship and/or perform in large and small settings (including “house concerts”) and also to lead seminars around the various themes of worship, music, songwriting, bands, church, mountain biking, cat raising...

Kevin has been happily married to Nancy for almost 20 years, and together they’ve been raising their 4 beautiful kids (and yeah, a couple of cats) in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, where Kevin also tremendously enjoys extreme mountain biking.


What Others Are Saying About Kevin...

I’ve had the wonderful privilege of knowing Kevin for quite a number of years now. He’s of course a talented and accomplished worship leader and songwriter (as many know). Even more important he is a man of outstanding passion and character. For years Kevin has committed himself to the cause of unity among followers of Jesus. This passion and commitment has been wonderfully expressed in his latest project “One”. It showcases his musical talent (it will get your feet tapping) but it does something far greater as well. It will draw out of your heart the same yearnings that Jesus disclosed when he prayed, “Let them be one”. Have a listen and prepare to be changed!

Gary Best is the national team leader for Vineyard Churches Canada

Kevin Boese has been a friend mine and supporter of makeusholy for many years. He is a consummate musician and guitarist. I have always enjoyed the times when I have been lead to the throne of Christ through his worship leading. And I have always enjoyed his worship song compositions. His songs speak of an intimate relationship with his Master and lead me to a place of joy and intimacy in worship. Kevin’s album "ONE" does not disappoint.

Gareth Goossen is a worship leader and teacher, and director of Make Us Holy Ministries

Kevin’s album “ONE” is a feast. It really is. Feast of lyric, acoustic sound, vocal sound, mood, message, and heart. It reflects Kevin’s heart and musical excellence. His creativity and love of music comes through as well as his tender heart towards humbling himself before his Creator. He also invites others into a deeper walk with God and with each other – bringing a message of reconciliation that is close to my own heart.

Cathy Hardy is an amazing songwriter, performer, and music teacher. Visit her site!

Kevin’s new CD is an honest expression of thoughtful worship that speaks to the many ways God interrupts us, surprises us, and teaches us to trust him more – whether through difficult personal circumstances, the agony of conflict and disagreement with those we love, or the blessings of day to day life. Listening to this CD makes me feel like he’s been sharing my journey, even though we’ve never met – to me, that’s the mark of a great songwriter! The many collaborations on this CD model exactly the message he’s writing about too – the oneness of the body. Kevin, thanks for giving voice for a life of faith, hope and love.

Tim McCarthy
is the associate director for Chapel Programs & Student Ministries at Trinity Western University. Check out his site!

Kevin Boese has led worship for the MB Mission TREK program for over 10 years. I greatly appreciate Kevin! He is a skilled musician; he is spirit-led in his planning and implementation of a song set; and he has a great ability to lead worship without drawing any attention to himself. We always go to Kevin first for any or our worship leading needs.

Luke Haidle is the director of the MB Mission TREK program which is a six or ten month intense journey of cross-cultural mission

At our regional events for Youth Unlimited/YFC, we really need to be refreshed. Kevin's leadership didn't just help us sing songs, but he led us into God's presence and he helped still the waters for us. He did some reflective, liturgical times that was really brilliant and different from your typical song service. Very refreshing! As a musician and as a person he was a pleasure to work with.

Bill Rice is the executive director for Edmonton Youth Unlimited/YFC

Kevin has two passions, one is music and the other is the Church. He is a musician who desires to be a servant, which is unusual since by definition musicians are performers. Kevin’s music is informed by his faith and you can do no better than to listen to both: his instrument and his voice.

Christoph Reiners is the pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Abbotsford, BC

It is my pleasure to recommend Kevin Boese to you. Kevin is a hugely gifted and soul-filled worship leader. His music is filled with honest insights that come from a man who is willing to live his life and faith deeply and share the journey with openness when he leads. Kevin’s heart comes through in his appreciation of the best of a variety of Christian faith expressions as well as his gift of putting pen to page and leaving his story for us to share. Whether in enthusiastic and celebratory moments, or intimate songs, God has given Kevin a gift to help us glimpse the Divine.

So it was such a delight for me to finally listen to his album "One". Some of Kevin’s songs have been on my top 10 list as a worship leader and I was thrilled that it was time to share some of them with a wider audience. This collection of Kevin’s original music along with some tried and true favourites is a celebration of Kevin’s life and soul. From unbridled joy in songs such as “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” to the heartfelt longing and honesty in “I Give it All to You” or “Comfortable Skin,” One takes us on a journey of self-revelation and honesty before God. The album is rich with the creative arrangements and wonderful voices and instruments of the many gifted musicians who joined in. Through his own story, his creative gift and a deep love for an enormous God, Kevin allows us to worship with him and pour out our own hearts in song. You will engage in a profound journey of faith as you allow these songs to speak to your heart.

Monique Tute is a worship leader/songwriter from Langley, BC

I have known Kevin for many years and have always found him to be a man of integrity. I have had the privilege of working with him on many different projects and his attention to detail, his inclusion and encouragement of other people’s ideas is always refreshing. I have observed Kevin grow into an accomplished songwriter and musician. His new CD “One” is not just musically creative, it is thought-provoking and has caused me to do much soul searching.

Huw Franklin
is a worship leader at the Abbotsford Vineyard Church (where Kevin attends and was the worship pastor for many years)