Igniting The Road To Justice

September 14th, 2011

I got to cross a good chunk of our beautiful country of Canada twice this summer. Yes, twice! The first time was in July for a family vacation with my folks and brothers and their families in Ontario, visiting friends and family along the way, and doing a few house concerts and leading worship as well.

The second time was in August with a tour called "Ignite the road to justice" where I traveled with a team led by Tara Teng, a TWU student from Langley, BC who won 2010 Miss BC and 2011 Miss Canada and is using her influential role to educate people across Canada about human trafficking. Our team was a catalyst for Canadians to become involved in fighting against this injustice that is occurring in most of our own communities as we hope to raise a powerful, unified grassroots movement that will shout for justice across our great nation.

My role was to lead a band which led worship and performed in various church and non-church settings, using music to open people’s hearts to hear the challenging and inspiring messages given by Tara and others on the team. This tour also lined up with my heart for unity, as various groups, organizations and churches were gathered together for this cause. Check out this powerful song written by my friend Brennan Sinclair, which we performed on the tour.