Updates From Kevin

August 1, 2016

Just had an awesome time leading worship alongside my wife Nancy who was the speaker at Family Camp at www.lakeofthetrees.com. Our whole family plus girlfriend was able to make it - so fun! Huge shout-out to the folks at this amazing camp!


Christmas 2012

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve put an update up here. Life is full and time sure goes by fast! I’ve been enjoying the change-of-pace of driving truck (see previous post) while still being able to work (very) part time for Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship (leading worship there twice a month and coordinating their worship music stuff). As a family we attend the Abbotsford Vineyard Church, as well as the local hockey temples (arenas :-) several days a week with 2 boys and a girl in hockey.

I often get asked when the next album is coming out! Well, not anytime soon, though I continue to write songs here and there (quite sporadically) and maybe I’ll be able to put up a demo of something new on the website soon. Though it has been a season of stepping back a bit from pushing the music button, it’s also been a rich time of learning and processing as I drive and listen to podcasts, music, pray, etc. It’s been a real gift of time and I feel my heart expanding with the love and vastness of God.

Other musical fun that I’m having is being able to support my good friend Cathy Hardy. She just released a great new album called “i am she” (not just for women though!) so we’ll be doing more concerts/house concerts in the near future in support of that. Check out more info here.

Being a man of few words (most of the time) that’s all for now, except to also let you know that I’m making my “ONE” album available at a lower price to encourage the purchase of Christmas gifts :-). Check out more about that here.

Wishing you all the peace and joy offered to all of us, and not just at Christmas!




March 13th, 2012

Hello everyone!

Ok, so this is a longer update since I haven’t done this for a while! Feel free to skim, but please note my latest adventure at the end of the update!

Wow, it’s been just over a year since the release of the album “ONE”! And it’s been a really good year of getting the music (and the message!) out there in various ways. Some of the most meaningful times have been in house concert settings where my wife Nancy has been able to join me (I play and she talks! :-) and together we’ve shared from our hearts on where the songs came from along with a challenge to love in community.

Speaking of the songs, if you need more cds, t-shirts, or digital downloads, you can now purchase my stuff on my Facebook music page, besides by website, itunes, amazon, etc.

I’ve also been able to share this message of unity/community in many Abbotsford churches and beyond. A couple places of note were Nelson, BC where several churches gathered together to hear the songs, and Lethbridge, AB where the songs fit in well as they wrapped up a week of prayer together as a church. The pastor there, known for his corny one-liners, said later in an email: “I really think you balmed when you were here. God really used you to bring some healing and rest and assurance. We needed that. Thanks.” (balmed as opposed to bombed... :-)

Read more on what others have said.

I’ve also been playing a lot with my good friend Cathy Hardy who’s an amazing singer/songwriter with diverse music styles from folk, to blues, pop and various world music sounds, which she delivers with inspiring passion.

Trucker? Me? Yep.
So one of the most surprising things I did this year was get my Class 1 driving license to drive semi-trucks! You can probably imagine how hard it is to make a living with just music, and we haven’t felt called to take on a full-time worship pastor job at this point (though there have been offers). So when I heard my friend describe a trucking job that he was looking into, I felt my ears perk up since I’ve always enjoyed driving big stuff (worked on a farm as a teenager driving big tractors, etc.). I met with the boss (who I actually knew, great guy, and yes, I like commas and parentheses) who said I’d be able to work around my music/worship commitments, and so I got my license in fall and started working for him this January. It’s been awesome. The driving is local and although I’m doing it 5 days a week right now, in fall I may go down to 3-4 days a week to make more time for music/worship stuff again. It feels like something only God’s creativity could come up with, since I wasn’t looking for this sort of thing at all!

Church worship leading
Another cool development for us has been that I also started a very part-time job with Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship, coordinating things for their worship community. It’s a church with under a 100 Sunday morning attenders, but it’s a really fresh environment (pardon the pun). They welcome their “4 pillars” – children, prodigals, the poor and the disabled – not as “target groups” (God is their target group :-) but to be teachers in their own way as part of their community. We still connect with the Vineyard church when we can, and our kids are part of the amazing youth group there. And although I've pulled back significantly, I'll still lead at Sevenoaks Alliance Church from time to time. I really enjoyed my time of being able to help out there too!

Thailand - again!
Yes, the latest development is that I’m heading to Thailand again! Unfortunately Nancy’s not coming with me this time, but I get to travel with my good friend Sam Dick who’s the Mobilization Coordinator for MB Mission who I lead worship for in various settings - TREK (MB version of YWAM), MTE (Missionary Training and Equiping), retreats, etc.

This is a 10-day trip where Sam and I will be leading a retreat for two TREK teams that are there in Chiang Mai, as well as spending time with MB missionaries in North Thailand (yep, in the jungle!), and also gaining a closer perspective on human trafficking issues that I was first exposed to on the tour I did this past August.

I am also raising funds for this trip, and if you felt you could contribute you can donate online (find my name in the "participant" drop-down list), or send a cheque to:

MB Mission
302-32025 George Ferguson Way
Abbotsford, BC V2T 2K7

put “TREK project C7731” in the memo. Thanks for the consideration!

Besides all that’s going on, my family is doing great. Our oldest son Luke just turned 16 - yes, crazy... we can’t believe we’re parents of a kid who can drive! Nancy is enjoying being more of a stay-at-home mom again as I’m out working more, though she’s still keeping her home businesses going. Yes, she’s an amazing woman.

So thanks for reading this, and feel free to send me a note to say hi or to ask about anything in here or something else!

Peace of Christ to you,




Igniting The Road To Justice

September 14th, 2011

I got to cross a good chunk of our beautiful country of Canada twice this summer. Yes, twice! The first time was in July for a family vacation with my folks and brothers and their families in Ontario, visiting friends and family along the way, and doing a few house concerts and leading worship as well. 

The second time was in August with a tour called "Ignite the road to justice" where I traveled with a team led by Tara Teng, a TWU student from Langley, BC who won 2010 Miss BC and 2011 Miss Canada and is using her influential role to educate people across Canada about human trafficking. Our team was a catalyst for Canadians to become involved in fighting against this injustice that is occurring in most of our own communities as we hope to raise a powerful, unified grassroots movement that will shout for justice across our great nation.

My role was to lead a band which led worship and performed in various church and non-church settings, using music to open people’s hearts to hear the challenging and inspiring messages given by Tara and others on the team. This tour also lined up with my heart for unity, as various groups, organizations and churches were gathered together for this cause. Check out this powerful song written by my friend Brennan Sinclair, which we performed on the tour.